Terms and conditions

  1. Children – All persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult. 
  2.  Refunds - Your registration fee is 100% refundable until 1st September, 2019. Refunds after this date are not 
  3. available.
  4. Indemnity – You agree to hold harmless and indemnify the organisers of GC Magic 2019 for any damage, loss or injury incurred prior to, during or after GC Magic 2019. Attendees are financially responsible for any damage sustained to property of GC Magic 2019 as well as hotel fittings, property or equipment prior to, during or after a function. Attendees will be held responsible and charged for damages caused to property of GC Magic 2019 and/or voco Gold Coast during the course of GC Magic 2019.
  5. Cancellation of Performers/Lecturers – In the unlikely event of one or more performers/lecturers cancelling their scheduled appearance, a replacement performer/lecturer will appear in their place.
  6. ID – Please provide photo ID at time of check-in.
  7. Convention Lanyards ­– Upon check-in you will receive a convention lanyard. Please wear this at all times during the convention. Please, no sharing. Anyone found to have given another person your lanyard will result in the immediate loss of your registration without refund.